Let the professionals at Pat’s auto Centre and Radiator solve your automotive problems. We provide a wide range of automotive repair and maintenance services you vehicle needs to provide reliable transportation. See us for all your vehicle-related matters including radiators, fuel tanks, A/C repairs, shocks, struts, suspension, wheel alignments, tires, brakes, oil changes, MTO safety inspections and more.


Oil changes and inspections should be performed seasonally as it will increase the longevity of your vehicle. Oil changes and inspections include filter replacements, fluid top-ups, visual inspections and tire rotation.


With over 60 years experience the experts at Pat’s Auto Centre are dedicated to finding the problem the cause of your air conditioning concerns. We also sell a wide variety of air conditioning parts for vehicle and off-road equipment.


Visual tire inspections allow us to monitor tire wear problems and catch any issues that may be present with your tires, suspension and steering. Tire rotations are also important to ensure tires are wearing evenly.


Let the experts at Pat’s diagnose any issue that may arise with your vehicle. Determining a problem when a engine light comes in can ensure the issue doesn’t become more severe and cause more damage.