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Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
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Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

 How the Auxiliary Fuel System Works
The Auxiliary Fuel Tank System is a computer controlled system. The small computer module mounted under the dash senses the fuel level of the factory tank and the auxiliary tank. When the factory fuel tank reaches a certain level, the computer will turn onthe auxiliary in-line pump which will then pump fuel from the auxiliary tank to the factory tank. When the factory tank reaches a certain level, the auxiliary pump will shut off.
Whenever the in-line pump is on, a small light on the switch will turn on allow you to know the auxiliary tank is pumping fuel to the factory tank. When the auxiliary tank is low, the pump will intermediately turn on until the auxiliary tank is empty. The auxiliary tank will have it's own 2" gauge so you know how much fuel is left in the auxiliary tank. If the factory tank gauge drops below approximately 1/2 of a tank, then you know the auxiliary tank is empty. The Freedom Fill Auxiliary System has an on/off switch to allow you to select wether you want the system activated or not.


 Fuel Tanks manufactured in several configurations
The Freedom Fill System is a complete sysetm. The installation kit (shown) is for the auxiliary fuel tank. This installation system will work for GM, Ford, Dodge and other diesel trucks. The Freedom Fill System meets or exceeds all DOT & EPA regulations plus the standards required by VESC-22.

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Numerous Gauge Options available

Will not impede or restric factory fuel system


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